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A common type of fence we see in the Rowesville, South Carolina area is chain link fence. This type of woven fence made of a zig-zag patterned galvanized steel wire forms the characteristic diamond pattern we all are used to seeing around all kinds of properties. Sometimes, chain link fences are color-coated in PVC material giving it a different look altogether. Generations of homeowners in the Rowesville, South Carolina region choose chain link fencing to protect their home and property.

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Chain Link Fence Options

These are the most popular chain link fencing options used by property owners across the Rowesville, South Carolina region.

Galvanized Chain Link Fencing in Rowesville,South Carolina

Traditional Chain Link Fencing

Galvanized chain link fences are straightforward fences that have many specific advantages, but don't take our word for it! Compare for yourself what makes our galvanized chain link fences a great option for your property.

With a sleek, silver finished look, chain link fences in Rowesville, South Carolina are highly durable and resistant to corrosion and moisture that could otherwise cause breakdown and damage. Not only is it cost-effective and long lasting, but traditional chain link fences are installed easily and quickly making it possible for your fence to be completed in no time!

PVC Coated Chain Link Fencing in Rowesville,South Carolina

PVC and Polymer Coated Chain Link Fencing

Dubya Fence is your source for vinyl coated chain link fencing, most often available in black and green. Benefits to installing chain link with a PVC coating is not only the variety of colors, but the added buffer and protection of your completed fence. Your Rowesville, South Carolina property will be fully secure and look great with the investment of a chain link fence, and gives you the added plus of even increasing your property value.

Privacy Slatted Chain Link Fencing in Rowesville,South Carolina

Privacy Slat Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences with privacy slats are the way to go for a solid property border. The slats come in multiple colors, similar to the PVC colors. They are installed simply by inserting them vertically into the link material to provide the coverage and privacy plain chain link does not offer. With a bit of a higher price tag due to the extra labor and specs needed, these fences are still a very affordable option for anyone in the Rowesville, South Carolina and surrounding areas.

Not only does it have the function of great privacy and coverage, but it can also create a more attractive look to your neighborhood and home. Explore the options of styles, finishes and prices for privacy slat chain link and ask our fence experts if you have any questions.

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Absolutely! The durability you can get in addition to the strength and maintenance-free product you'll have with chain link fencing makes it a perfect choice for any home or property in the Rowesville, South Carolina and surrounding areas.

We say with a resounding, yes! With its strength and reliability, chain link is a perfect choice for creating a super safe boundary around your pool yard. You can leave it with the open steel weave pattern or choose to fill it in with privacy slats to create a closed border.

All fencing costs fluctuate based on many factors, but generally speaking, chain link fences are lower cost compared to the others.

Make sure to always factor in all of the features and aspects of the normal life of the fence you buy plus the maintenance level and durability to better determine its worth in comparison. Chain link fences always will add value to the property of your home, adding an additional reason to make this investment.

While every town is different, no need to worry about permits for your fence - we at Dubya Fence will help you take care of it! We will make sure to check with the town you live in and follow all proper procedures and obtain whatever permits are necessary to complete your job.

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