About Wood Fences

For Rowesville, South Carolina property owners, Wood fencing is the way to go for its versatility in styles and function and its affordable price points.

One of the most popular and tried-and-true fencing options is wood fencing. Not only is wood fencing affordable, but it can be customized in so many ways, its versatility is one of its best features. About to be customized by height, shape, panel length and color, no matter what your reason for needing a fence, it's almost certain that wood fencing will fit the job.

For a strong, beautiful wood fence from Dubya Fence call our experts and discuss your options. Wood can be used for many uses like privacy, looks and safety for your home in the Rowesville, South Carolina region.

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wood fencing in Rowesville South Carolina

Primary Benefits of Wood Fencing

Customize your Rowesville, South Carolina property by adding a wood fence: the most versatile fencing material around.

Wood Fence Benefit - Afforbaility

Wood Fences are Affordable

For homeowners in Rowesville, South Carolina, you'll be hard pressed to find a type of fence with a better price point than wood.

Wood Fence Benefit - Strength

Wood Fences are Durable

Wood fences are strong and can stand-up to harsh weather, rambunctious kids and pets and practically anything you can throw at them!

Wood Fence Benefit - Beautiful

Wood Fences are Beautiful

Whether you choose to stain or paint it, coming in an incredible variety of styles and sizes and colors, wood fences will create a beautiful look no matter what style you're going for with your property.

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Key Elements of our Wood Fences

Regardless of the specific style of wood fence you choose for your Rowesville property, all of our wood fences come standard with the following key elements:

Wood fence features popular with Rowesville South Carolina homeowners

  1. Posts - Every post we install meets the industry standards for maximum strength and workmanship. When it comes to gate posts, you can be sure we make them strong enough to prevent the gate itself from sagging.
  2. Wood Rails - Every post we install meets the industry standards for maximum strength and workmanship. When it comes to gate posts, you can be sure we make them strong enough to prevent the gate itself from sagging.
  3. Wood Pickets - Be sure our wood fences hold up to the Rowesville, South Carolina climate with the high level wood we use for every picket and strength of every fastener we install.

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Yes! The look you can get in addition to the strength and value of the product you'll have with wood fencing makes it a perfect choice for any home or property in the Rowesville, South Carolina and surrounding areas.

All fencing costs fluctuate based on many factors, but generally speaking, wood fencing is one of the lower-cost fences compared to the others.

Make sure to always factor in all of the features and aspects of the average life of the fence you buy plus the maintenance level and durability to better determine its worth in comparison. Wood fences always will add value to the property of your home, adding an additional reason to choose it for your home.

While every town is different, no need to worry about permits for your fence - we at Dubya Fence will help you take care of it! We will make sure to check with the town you live in and follow all proper procedures and obtain whatever permits are necessary to complete your job.

Wood Fence FAQs

Get the "dirt" on wood fences.

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